Friday, December 2, 2016

Britanya Pritch and Jhon Bitancor's Leaked Scandal Video Now Viral Online!

Another scandal has came crashing through people's door step after this teenage couple accidentally posted their love making in Facebook that immediately spread on social media. This video involves a couple Jhon Bitancor and his girlfriend Britanya Pritch.

After the controversy, Britanya immediately closed her Facebook account but it looks like Jhon don't have any idea that his name is the most searched keyword on Facebook today.

The video was posted online, but after 800,000+ views, it was taken down. You can watch the video here.

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Part 2 here: Click Here

Source: Lackfeed

Monday, November 28, 2016

Marie Punzalan's Alleged Scandal Video Leaked on Social Media!

After Krishna's alleged scandalous video, now another private footage is going viral online, a video that was claimed to be Marie Punzalan with her boyfriend. Marie Punzalan is a Vlogger and she's one of the famous entertainers.

People started following her after seeing different kinds of cover that was made by yours truly. You can check all that in her social media accounts. Now the alleged video has become more and more controversial as people tried to search for the link out of curiosity.

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Netizens were shocked after different private videos of known personalities in social media came crashing through their news feeds, calling it a #ScandalChallenge.

Marie immediately breaks her silence and appeal on the said video. She stated on her post that it wasn't her, claiming that she has bigger milk bank than the girl on the video.

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"Group Project?" Watch How These Students Made Intimate Scene Inside a Room!

A lot of people said, being a teenager is the worst time of our lives. The teenage years is the time of rapid growth and change physically, mentally and socially. For some teenagers, change can be scary, whereas others take it in their stride.

It’s normal for teenagers to worry about things. Some common teenage issues are schoolwork, stress, depression, bullying and body image. Nowadays student or teenagers are the most controversial in our society. 

The late National Hero Jose Rizal says, "The youth is hope of our nation" what if these teenagers thought not what he really think? Because teenagers nowadays are far from what we really think just like this video below.

A video of a group student caught in the video having an intimate scene. Three young woman and one man in the bed, at first, it's just the couple doing some intimate scene, while the other two girls are just sitting beside them, In the end, these girls joined the party.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

WATCH: Krishna's Bashers Posted Her Alleged Video Scandal!

If you are fond of watching vines and online, then you probably know Krishna Johnson.

She was considered as the Queen in the Philippines after making different videos that caught the attention of many people.

People who have watched her videos admired her a lot that they started following her on her different social media accounts.

But now, her bashers are doing everything they can to put her down. They posted an alleged video of her that is now going viral online.

Watch her video here

Full HD copy below:

Source: Lackfeed

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Alleged Scandal Video of Tony Fowler that Jelai Andres Found on Jon Gutierrez's Laptop!

We all know that the popular and admittedly yummy twerker, peddler of caps and vapes, and R-Breezy babe Toni Fowler is one of the internet sensation in the social media. She's become famous because of her different controversial sexy dance covers like Trumpet, Juicy Wiggle and many more. 

After being involved as the third party and reason for the break up between the internet celebrity couple Jon Gutierrez (King Badger) and FHM model Jelai Andres, when she allegedly saw the video of Toni Fowler playing with her private part. 

The couple's break up became viral online and now, Jon Gutierrez tries to win her back by courting Jelai Andres again just like what he did before they become official.

You Can Watch the Video Here: Click Link

Many netizens named Toni Fowler as Twerk Queen, but now she's once again in the hot topic and now going controversially Viral because of this video. Filming herself while sitting and playing with her private part. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kinalkal Scandal Video of Nicca Pascual Leaked Again on Social Media!

After the Rapbeh and Abbie Tolentino's Scandal, another controversial video came right after those two. It was said that a girl playing with her private part is now going viral online. The girl was named by Netizens as Nicca Pascual.

She records herself having intimate and private time. While enjoying it, it seems like she's teasing the camera by putting her hands in front of it, showing the fluid that came right out of her kitty. The video is now getting a lot of attention that garnered thousands of viewers minutes after it was posted.

The video had already gone viral last 2015, after her ex-boyfriend got mad because of their breakup. Now people are trying to search for the link.

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